Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kimiec and the Logos of Contraception

Doug Kmiec is consistent in his mediation of the logos of contraception.

Kmiec's latest prophetic utterance is that we should end the homosexual-marriage controversy by eliminating the state's recognition of marriage altogether and having it issue "civil licenses".

If, as the Catholic Church teaches, the state exists for the good of human persons, the state is not free to use, abuse, intimidate, and kill human persons. On the contrary, the state has an obligation to do them good.

And how can the state fulfill its obligation to human persons if it does not even recognize what (or who) a person is?

And isn't the state's concept of a person horrendously incomplete if it does not recognize the single most important inter-human relationship?

Of course, we wouldn't even be having this conversation---about whether or not the state should recognize the marriage relationship, about whether or not a homosexual relationship should be recognized as "marriage"---if married couples hadn't set the stage by embracing contraception and its logos.

Human rights cannot exist as long as we remain in bondage to contraception.

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