Monday, August 17, 2009

RCIA Starts in Less Than a Month

RCIA starts in less than a month and, as previously stated, I'll have the pleasure of leading the lectionary reflections that begin each class. Rumination on how I'll be handling this thing has reminded me of how much my fascination-with, and love-of the Sacred Writings influenced my journey to the Catholic Church. I can get really passionate about this kind of thing I'll probably have to hold back tears.

Returning to the technical question of "how", I think the design of the lectionary has really "teed things up" for me. With a preselected reading from the Old Testament (O), the New Testament (N), and the Gospels (G), one can visualize a Venn Diagram in which each of these three selections is an overlapping circle, and then proceed to ask all sorts of interesting questions in a very systematic way.

Q1. How does the Old Testament reading overlap with the New Testament reading? Symbolically: What is O + N?

Q2. How does the Old Testament reading overlap with the Gospel reading? Again, symbolically, we can thing of this as asking: What is O + G?

Q3. What is G + N?

The unities are probably most important, but I think we must also discuss the disunities.

Q4. What is unique to O? What is unique to N? What is unique to G?

I think this dialog will help participants develop the type of awareness and attention necessary to read the Bible like a Catholic. That is, with the awareness that everything is related to everything else, and with special attention to the unities in the text. This seems to put the selective attention in order.

Naturally, this opens the door to talk about the senses of scripture, and help the catechumens to develop an incarnational, mysterious, and mediated understanding of divine revelation, which essential vocabulary.

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