Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PP Implies Fertility and Pregnancy are Diseases

I enjoy a dry martini after work.

Six parts gin, one part vermouth, two olives. The therapeutic effects are readily apparent. Therefore, I conclude, health-care reform should include the use of public funds to keeping my freezer/refrigerator stocked with gin, vermouth, and olives (and toothpicks---can't forget the toothpicks).

Sound ridiculous? Absolutely. But the the argument for subsidizing my martinis is far stronger than Planned Parenthood's argument for subsidizing contraception and abortion. The reason: my martinis address an actual disorder.

Planned Parenthood claims that contraception and abortion are "health care".
By implication, Planned Parenthood is also claiming that fertility, pregnancy, and developing human beings are diseases. Fertility, pregnancy, and developing human beings are not diseases, therefore contraception and abortion are not "health care".

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