Friday, October 2, 2009

New Evangelism

Numerous recent events have revealed to me some realities of the state of Catholic Evangelism in my surroundings.

1. Many Catholic adults have never been Evangelized---they have never really heard the Good News. As Catholics, they are immersed in an ocean of Jesus but aren't able to relate those experiences to the person of Jesus. In this context, the phrase "New Evangelism" is much more meaningful to me. Catechists can't take familiarity with the Gospel for granted and dive right into catechesis. Moreover, evangelism can't stop when catechesis begins---catechesis must be charged with evangelism.

2. Some Catholics are being evangelized, but in various movements and retreat settings whose content is impregnated with elements hostile to the ancient faith. I experienced this personally during my own catechesis when I attended a "Life in the Spirit" seminar that passed out four-step salvation tracts! The seminar had some Catholic content and I honestly don't think the cradle-Catholics running the show recognized the payload embedded in the content they were delivering.

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